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Marine Abrasives For Sanding Fibreglass, Gelcoat and GRP

Choosing the ideal abrasive for the task at hand is vital for achieving a professional finish

Those working in the marine industry will quickly realise the importance of their equipment. Without the appropriate marine abrasive, you will have an extremely difficult time attempting to achieve the precise finish that is desired. Achieving a perfectly smooth finish on fibreglass or glass reinforced plastic requires careful consideration to ensure you’re using the correct abrasive.

We offer a wide array of abrasives, which are perfectly suitable for marine and yacht repair, restoration and construction. Of course, it is imperative to remember that each step will require a different product and grit. Below, you will learn more about our abrasives and their most efficient applications.

BAXT SP1 Finishing Pads

SP1 Finishing PadsThe BAXT SP1 Finishing Pads are a flexible, three-dimensional fibre sanding pad ideal for the keying of surfaces and give a superb, consistent and uniform finish.  We strongly recommend these highly durable abrasive pads for keying yacht surfaces. The pads are perfectly designed for preparing freshly painted surfaces for polishing and are ideal for use on irregular surfaces.

For added versatility, the Best Finishing Pads can easily be cut to meet your precise needs. The product is available in pads and rolls. The nylon and synthetic resin helps to greatly enhance the longevity and durability of the pad while maintaining maximum flexibility. This makes the pads ideal for carrying out cleaning and preparation work on all contours featured on any marine vehicle.

When used by hand it’s important to apply the correct amount of pressure, do not apply too much pressure and tire yourself out. Work cautiously and gently, while maintaining a firm grip. The pads are colour coded to ensure you find the precise grit that you’re looking for. They include very fine, ultra-fine, and general purpose.

BAXT D6 150MM Velcro Abrasive Disc

For the fastest sanding and the longest lasting marine abrasives, you should look no further than the BAXT D6 Velcro Abrasive Disc. The disc is manufactured with an optimum combination of bonding and sanding grit to ensure maximum longevity. In most cases, the disc will offer 30% more service life than similar alternatives. The disc also features 15 holes, which help to extract dust and prevent paint peeling. This also reduces the amount of pressure placed on the accompanying sander. The disc is available in a wide range of grits. The available grits range from P40 to P1000. Therefore, you can easily find a D6 150MM Disc that is suitable for the precise project at hand.

BAXT D6 Velcro Abrasive Disc

If you need to remove a paint finish and varnish rapidly, you should opt for an 80-grit disc. Be sure to switch between 120-grit and 220-grit to prepare the marine surface for varnishing. A 320-grit disc should be used after each coat. Thanks to the 150mm size and Velcro backing, our BAXT D6 150mm Disc is compatible with the majority of our sanders. The discs will work fluidly with the Chicago Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander, as well as the Mirka Ceros Electric Palm Sander.

BAXT S6 150MM Abrasive Sponge Disc

Electric and air sanders play a huge role in preparing marine surfaces for ship or yacht. The sander must be combined with a durable sanding disc, with high-strength resin bond. BAXT Abrasive Sponge Discs last longer than the expensive competing brand’s alternatives and are layered with a coating that will eliminate potential scratches.

The Velcro offers a quick and easy replacement, so detailers can maintain a high productivity rating. The foam embedded into the disc prevents buckling and pressure points, during operation. The abrasive foam disc is highly effective at distributing pressure evenly across the surface to ensure a consistent finish. These discs can be utilised for both dry and wet sanding, since the advanced design keeps the material from holding moisture and becoming waterlogged.

The S6 Sponge Discs are available in grits from P500 to P4000. These Sponge Discs are ideal for making rectifications to gel coating, before adding new compounding. The P500 grit is also suitable for sanding in between varnishing coats.

BAXT R3 77MM & R4 115MM Velcro Abrasive Roll

Marine detailers rely on their abrasive materials for nearly every aspect of their detailing operations, which is why they turn to BEST Products every time. The BAXT Velcro Abrasive Roll offers flexibility, allowing the user to choose the exact length needed for each sanding project. The Velcro backing will ensure a speedy replacement while reducing downtime. The rolls are constructed out of heavyweight paper, with a layer of resin and high strength sand granules. The granules are spread evenly over the glue to create an even surface.BAXT R3 With Fairing Board Abrasive Roll

These abrasive rolls have been tested against the most popular branded alternatives and proven to last 30% longer due to their unique combination of material bonding and surface engineering which helps reduce clogging.

Both the R3 and R4 are ideally suited to longboarding sanding methods. This popular method makes quick work of fairing hulls and other large surface areas. Fairing boards need to be stiff enough to bridge low areas of the boat’s hull and flexible enough to evenly sand down the curves of a hull. The BAXT R4 Abrasive Roll is perfectly suited for our popular 115mm hook it fairing boards which come in the choice of ‘rigid’ or ‘flexible’. 

BAXT DX6 150MM Velcro Abrasive Film Disc

The BAXT DX6 150mm Velcro Abrasive Film Disc features a polyester film backing which helps to maintain maximum flexibility. The front of the disc features an even abrasive surface which ensures you’re able to achieve a smooth finish with perfect consistency. The DF6 disc ensures a rapid finish, without any unnecessary scratches or blemishes.

At the same time, the disc features the unique 15-hole configuration. This prevents clogs while guaranteeing you’re able to sand continually until you’ve achieved the ideal smoothness that is desired. This advanced design also increases the lifespan of the disc and your sanding machine. The disc is available in grits ranging from P500 to P2000. They’re suitable for sanding gel coats, repairing gel coats, and even sanding between varnishing coats.

Remember to wear the appropriate protective gear when sanding to avoid respiratory problems. Always wear eye protection, as the glass remnants can fly around with extreme velocity.

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