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Masking Film And Masking Tape Buyers Guide

Are you overspending and still suffering with overspray? Read on!

As any professional in the finishing industries should already know, it pays to invest in quality masking products. Many of us have made the mistake of trying out the less expensive products, but as with most things – you really do get what you pay for. You need a product that prevents paint bleeding through, and produces crisp clear sharp lines. 

We have come up with a list of what we think are some of the best masking film and tape that money can buy and have listed them here for you in this handy buyers guide.

Let’s get started.

BAXT SM4 Supamask Masking Film Vs 3M Clear Masking Film

First, we are going to compare BAXT’s SM4 Supamask Masking Film and 3M’s Clear Masking Film. Both are excellent products that will not let you down, we would generally recommend BAXT due to a few extra features and lower price point.

BAXT SM4 Supamask Masking Film

This is a high density, clear extra strong masking film. It is designed to help you avoid overspray with ease, and comes in the choice of a four and five-metre roll. Features include:
sm4 5 mock up

  • Static Cling Technology – This technology ensures that your film will securely stick to surfaces of all kinds.
  • 10 Micron Polythene – This is one of the strongest masking films available and it will not tear or break easily like some other lower quality products.
  • Drying – Can be used with Symach and infrared drying up to 150 degrees.
  • Multi-Purpose – Regardless of what specific finishing industry you work in, this masking film has got you covered. Perfect for automotive, marine, and aerospace applications.

3M Clear Masking Film

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Now, let’s take a look at what 3M’s Clear Masking Film has to offer. It is a high density, clear sheet of polythene that will help to prevent overspray. Some of the 3M’s most notable Features include:

  • No Flaking – There is no primer or paint flaking when using this product, which can be an issue.
  • Static Cling – Like the BAXT masking film, this product uses static cling technology for total masking so it should stick to most surfaces.
  • No Ghosting – Ghosting can be an issue, especially when you are working on a car that is slightly damp. 3M claim that their clear masking film eradicated this issue completely.

BAXT T7 Premium Masking Tape 100◦ Vs 3M 2328 Scotch Masking Tape

Both the BAXT T7 and the 3M 2328 are ideal for use in automotive and marine applications, and both will get the job done. But, again, we feel that the product from BAXT has a few more features than 3M’s product, and is available at a lower price.

BAXT T7 Premium Masking Tape 100◦

When you’re carrying out fine detailing, you need a tape that is going to stick in place reliably, (and can be removed without ruining the underlying paint). This product from BAXT sticks strong and comes off clean, perfect! Key features include:
t7 mock up copy

  • Heat Resistant – This tape is heat resistant, up to 100 degrees for 30 minutes. This is much higher than many other tapes of the same grade.
  • Resistant to Paint – This tape is highly resistant to lacquer thinners and paint.
  • Easy to Remove – Unlike other lower quality masking tapes, this product is easy to remove, and doesn’t leave any sticky residue or tear when you pull it off.
  • Great Adhesion – Even if you are working on uneven surfaces BAXT’s tape will be able to securely attach itself to a wide range of surface materials.
  • Versatile – You can get this product in two sizes: 25mm (1”) and 50mm (2”) making it suitable for a range of paint shop applications.

3M2328 Scotch Masking Tape

This 3M tape offers a secure grip and comes off clean. You get a great edge, and it is available in more widths than what is on offer from BAXT (from 19mm to 50mm). Despite this, we still think BAXT make a better, cheaper product. Some of the features of 3Ms tape include:

  • Secure Adhesion – This masking tape is going to stay in place, so you always get a clean, sharp edge to your painting and detailing.
  • Comes Away Clean – There is no residue when you pull the 3M tape away from the surface you are painting.
  • Conforms Well – This is a good tape to use when you are working on curved or oddly shaped surfaces, as it conforms nicely.

BAXT T9 High-Performance Masking Tape Vs 3M3434 Scotch High-Performance Masking Tape

The other two comparisons we have made in this guide have BAXT as a clear winner in our eyes. But in this comparison, it’s a much closer race. Both BAXT and 3M make terrific products in their high-performance categories. The two products are incredibly similar in most respects, but yet again BAXT gets the top spot – purely because it is substantially better value.

BAXT T9 High-Performance Masking Tape

The bright yellow colour of this tape makes it incredibly easy to lay down accurately without eye strain (unless you are painting something yellow!) It’s a high-performance tape, that boasts some serious features, including:t9 tape image

  • Secure Adhesion – You never have to worry about this tape slipping, so jobs will always look perfect and professional without bleeding.
  • Clean Removal – There is never any residue left behind when removing the tape, its simple, clean, and carefree.
  • High Performance – This tape is super strong. It can hold up to just about anything (including numerous baking cycles).
  • Heat Resistance – This tape is heat resistant up to 120 degrees for 30 minutes.
  • Waterproof – Unlike other masking tapes, this product is waterproof, and is also resistant to solvent and water-based paints and paint thinners. It can be used during wet sanding without degradation or slipping that could ruin a paint job.

3M3434 Scotch High-Performance Masking Tape


The 3M Scotch High-Performance Masking Tape has many of the same features as the offering from BAXT above, as we mentioned earlier they are incredibly similar products. Some notable features include:

  • Water Resistance – This product is resistant to water and solvents and works well with water-based and 2-pack paints.
  • Holding Power – Again this tape will stick well to just about any surface and is capable of withstanding several baking cycles without degradation.
  • Conforms Well – Like the BAXT product above, 3M’s tape works on all surfaces, even those that are oddly shaped or heavily contoured.


We were slightly surprised to find ourselves rating BAXT’s products as our top pick in all three comparisons. 3M is a well respected, long established brand that has earned themselves a formidable reputation for quality.

In our opinion that reputation is still intact, all of the 3M products on this page are excellent and don’t really have any faults of their own. The only issue for 3M is that many of the new kids on the block (BAXT in this instance) are able to reproduce (or exceed) the quality of their products – and offer them at a much cheaper price.

In all honesty, any of the products on this list would be more than worthy of your consideration – and you’re not going to get bad results with any of them.

But while 3M might have the big brand name, in our opinion, BAXT have really excelled in this category.

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