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Mirka Abrasives Buying Guide

Mirka, which has been in business for over 30 years, has become the world’s biggest producer of coated abrasives. They manufacture a wide assortment of products, which are suitable for individual applications or full-scale sanding systems. We recognise Mirka as a leading, reputable brand in the industry and are proud to offer a diverse selection of Mirka abrasives that are suitable for various purposes. Below, you will learn more about each Mirka product and its suitable uses.

Mirka Gold 150mm Discs

The Mirka Gold 150mm Discs are ingeniously designed to work fluidly with the Mirka Ceros Electric Palm Sander. Each disc is carefully constructed to ensure maximum durability, while also making the products suitable for high-speed sanding. The discs feature specialised coatings, which virtually help to eliminate clogging and pill forming. The combination ensures the discs last longer, while also delivering the most impressive sanding results.Mirka Gold

And of course, the Velcro backing makes it possible to attach the disc to the sander within a matter of seconds. Just peel away the back covering and place the disk in its designated location. The Velcro is strong enough to keep the disc in place throughout the duration of the sanding session. The discs are available in grits ranging from P40 to P1500. The P40 grit is idealistic for quickly removing unwanted materials and build up from any surface. Consumers, who require a smooth finish, should opt for a finer grit, such as the P500.

We tend to recommend the BAXT D6 Velcro Abrasive Disc over the Mirka Gold due to its 30% extended service life with no compromise on the quality of finish.

Mirka Autonet 150mm Discs

 Mirka abrasives have greatly improved over the past few years and the Autonet has changed the industry. These discs are specifically designed to provide the user with maximum speeds, efficiency and longevity. Their dust extraction capabilities are truly unparalleled. The Autonet discs feature a unique patented construction, which helps to diminish the potential of pilling and clogging. The combination ensures the user is able to obtain the results that are desired, while also greatly prolonging the lifespan of the sanding discs. These discs are immensely versatile and can, therefore, be utilised for a wide assortment of applications.

The Autonet sanding blocks are specifically designed for automobile refinishing. However, they are also great for paint stripping, aluminium surfaces, and lacquers. These discs are available in grits ranging from P80 to P800. Therefore, they can easily provide you with the precise smoothness that you require.

Mirka Abralon 150mm Discs

Mirka AbralonThe Mirka Abralon 150mm Discs are very innovative and multi-functional. They’re suitable for profiled and smooth surfaces. The discs are manufactured with a fabric face and foam centre. The abrasive grains are attached perfectly to the fabric face to ensure maximum durability. The fabric features multiple openings to allow water and air to flow through the material. The discs also feature an open cell design, which allows them to hold substantial quantities of water or solvent. This can be utilised for cooling or lubrication. The foam centre is enormously beneficial and ensures uniform pressure is applied at all times. This helps to reduce visible finger smears when sanding by hand.

The Mirka Abralon discs are perfectly suitable for sanding corners, sharp edges and other types of contoured surfaces. We offer grits ranging from P180 to P3000. If you require a smooth finish and will be sanding a surface with multiple contours, the Abralon will prove to be a good choice.

If you have been using the Abralon discs for a while we would recommend trying BAXT S6 Abrasive Sponge Discs which offer superb performance and a cost saving.

Mirka PolarStar Film Discs

The Mirka PolarStar will prove to be a valuable tool for those tackling surface preparations or repairs. This specific product is manufactured with a polyester film backing, which helps to increase the disc’s flexibility. This also ensures a smoother abrasive surface. The PolarStar discs will deliver a brilliantly fine surface finish with uniform consistency. And, these discs are capable of getting the job done more rapidly than the alternatives. Nonetheless, they also possess unparalleled resistance to clogging, so they’ll last longer.

These discs are suitable for wet and dry sanding. The P1200 and P1500 grits are excellent for paint rectifications, while the P800 grit discs will prove to be suitable for marine and automotive applications. Finally, the Mirka PolarStar Film Discs are compatible with all 150mm Mirka sanders.

We recommend BAXT DF6 15 Hole Velcro Abrasvie Film Discs over the PolarStar due to the long service life thanks to its innovative anti-clog coating.

Mirka Abranet Strips

Suitable for both machine sanding or by hand. Offering true dust-free characteristics ideal for auto detailers and yacht finishers requiring a cleaner work environment. Hand sanding is more suitable for removing cross-grain scratches on small surfaces. The sanding block is embedded with Velcro, which attaches directly to the back of the sanding strip, providing quick and easy replacements. The Mirka Abranet Sanding Strips are available in a variety of lengths and grit sizes, including P80, P120, P180, P240, P320 and P400.

These strips are designed to offer superior performance, accuracy and durability. Each strip is coated with an abrasive material that is held on by high-strength glue, ensuring a longer lifespan than other competing brands.

BEST also offers a similar 198mm sanding strip which has been proven to offer a 30% longer life than the Abranet strips. This is thanks to its unique sanding grit, bonding and surface engineering which minimises clogging. The dust extraction hole pattern delivers supreme particle removal which achieves a reduction in dust production and cuts stoppage. The BAXT ST7 Sanding Strips also come in a 420mm option with a variety of grits from P40 to P400.

Mirka Goldflex Sanding Sponges

The sanding sponge offers even distribution, eliminating pressure spots. The sponge will shape itself to the surface for a more even pattern. The flexible, soft backing ensures the abrasive dust is continuously releasing, with each stroke to eliminate potential scratching. The Mirka Goldflex Sanding Sponges are available in a variety of grit sizes, including P120, P180, P240, P320, P400 and P500.

Using These Products Safely

It is absolutely pertinent to remember that the UK government regulates potential dust health hazards with the COSHH or Control of Substances Hazardous to Health guidelines. This is true, unless the material in question has its own individualistic regulations. There is some degree of risk involved with sanding any type of material, including wood, plastic and metal. To decrease the risks involved, it is highly recommended that you utilise ventilation equipment to remove the dust before it can contaminate the air.

You should also consider the potential damage to your hearing. Sanding machinery can be immensely loud. Long-term and short-term use of such equipment can potentially result in permanent hearing damage. Therefore, anyone working with sanding equipment should protect themselves with ear plugs. The vibration associated with this equipment can also prove to be hazardous to your health. When using powered sand tools, it is essential to wear gloves and take regular breaks.

These small precautions will greatly decrease the risks involved. While you’re at it, you should consider wearing personal protection gear, such as respiratory masks, protective eyewear, and ear defenders.

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