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Our Top Selling Air Fed Masks and Their Uses



For any professional in the finishing industry regular exposure to airborne toxic materials is a very real hazard. Harmful particulate can be inhaled into the lungs with ease and can cause a wide range of harmful (sometimes deadly) conditions. Proper respiratory protection is of paramount importance to minimise these very common risks.


Respiratory protection doesn’t get much better than a decent air fed mask, they allow for operators to work in the highest levels of safety regardless of the materials they are dealing with.

However not all air fed masks are made the same, and there is a vast difference in quality between brands. Lower quality masks can be uncomfortable to wear, and unnatural to breathe in.

Here we are going to talk a little bit about our top 2 best-selling air fed masks, and tell you why we think they should be on your shortlist.

Anest Iwata Airfed Mask Kit from DTC Tools


Honeywell is one of the largest and most respected safety equipment manufacturers that you will ever come across. Many of their products are built to medical-grade standards and can be found in most hospitals worldwide.

picture of full face airfed mask kit

The Airvisor 2 is one of these medical-grade products that has been specially adapted to be used by operators in the finishing industries. It is a perfect choice for operators who deal with particularly hazardous substances (like isocyanate paints, dust, and powders). But it is also a great option for operators that have to regularly deal with any kind of spraying or powder coating and who take their safety seriously.

It is a full-faced mask that contains a strong, durable, and incredibly clear acetate chemical resistant visor, which will protect an operator’s face from all particulate in the atmosphere.

One of the main concerns people seem to have with full-faced visors is dealing with overspray. With a visor being so close to your eyes, even the slightest bit of paint or powder coating on it can be a distracting annoyance in your field of vision. Luckily the Airvisor 2 is compatible with easy to use screen protectors.

When the visor protector is contaminated, the top layer can easily be torn off revealing a fresh screen protector, and a perfectly clear field of vision underneath (these tears away protectors operate in a very similar manner to the visor protectors you may have seen used in formula one racing).

As you would expect from a brand like Honeywell the Airvisor 2 is fully compliant with EN14594:2005 safety standards and has many advanced failsafe measures to ensure total operator safety while in use.

It is fitted with a waist belt unit which has a carbon filter alongside a safety regulator. The safety regulator is certified tamperproof which is an effective way to reliably protect against rare malfunctions and compromises.

To enable the operator to immediately detect potential airflow issues while in use, a beautifully simple low flow warning device has been added to the design of the mask. If the airflow ever starts to weaken and drop below HSE stipulated levels, a whistle will immediately start to sound. This warns the operator of the issue and allows them to get to safety with plenty of time to spare.

The air feed itself has a built-in diffuser that creates a consistent airflow around the entirety of the mask (instead of having a noticeable single entry point). This again increases comfort and reduces worker fatigue significantly.

You may think all of these safety features could cause the Airvisor 2 to be reasonably heavy. As you may know, a heavy mask can dramatically increase the rate of operator fatigue and reduce mobility. However, The Airvisor 2 is an incredibly lightweight device that has been built from advanced materials. It weighs less than one kilogram – it’s so light you almost forget how much safety technology you are wearing.


While the added protection of a full-face air fed mask is something that can be utilised in all finishing applications, it is occasionally a little bit overkill. The Honeywell Airvisor Half Mask takes much of the technology utilised in the Airvisor 2 and compacts it into a half-mask design.

picture of half face air fed mask kit

Like the Airvisor 2, it has the same waist belt design that contains a carbon filter and a safety regulator to ensure adequate air supply at all times. It does not have the airflow whistle alarm system of the Airvisor 2, but due to the nature of half-mask use cases – it is not really needed. The belt-mounted safety regulator is more than capable of ensuring total operator safety.

The Airvisor Half Mask Kit contains the same diffuser technology as the Airvisor 2. This allows maximum comfort and totally natural breathing patterns that could otherwise be a fatiguing distraction.

Something we particularly like about this mask is that the safety regulator contains a secondary outlet. This means that it is possible to use a single air feed hose to power both the respirator and the spraying equipment at the same time. (This is also a feature that the Airvisor 2 has).

Some lower quality masks also have this outlet feature, but they can provide an intermittent airflow to the operator when spraying equipment is being used. This can result in an unnatural and slightly unnerving feeling that increases operator fatigue.

The Airvisor series, however, does not have this problem. The airflow provided to the mask is consistent at all times and it feels very natural while in use – with or without spraying equipment being attached.

It is incredibly lightweight and has been ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort. It really is quite easy to forget you are actually wearing a mask.


Regardless of which of these two masks you use, you are sure to be in good hands. It’s no coincidence that both of our top 2 best selling air fed masks are Honeywell products. Brands don’t really get much more reputable than this.

If you are unsure as to which mask is suitable for your operation, give us a call today. We have extensive experience in matching the right products to the right operations – and would be happy to guide you in the right direction.

Remember, we can only offer suggestions for respiratory protective equipment. Each workshop scenario is different so to ensure you comply with legislation and more importantly, your team are working in a safe environment refer to the HSE advice on respiratory protective equipment.

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