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Honeywell Airvisor 2 Half MASK KIT

£239.00 Excl. VAT

  • Lightweight, comfortable half-face mask kit
  • Airfed, with built-in air diffuser for greater user comfort
  • Carbon cartridge fitted to waistbelt for ease of use
  • Complies with EN 14594
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Airfed Half Mask Kit
£239.00 £286.80

3+: £225.00 £270.00

In stock (can be backordered)

The Honeywell Airvisor 2 MV Painter’s Air-Fed Respirator is perfect for paint spraying and other similar jobs, this air-fed respirator kit is designed to offer respiratory protection.

It also shields the user’s eyes and face.

By connecting the Honeywell Airvisor 2 to a compressed air supply hose, it provides clean air to the wearer, ensuring a consistent flow of odourless, breathable air in toxic environments.

It also features a acetate visor for protection against chemical splashes and impacts.

This Honeywell Airvisor 2, half mask kit is one of our top selling airfed masks.

Honeywell Airvisor 2 Key Benefits

  • Protects against gases, vapours, dust, mist and fumes
  • Complies with EN 14594
  • Built-in air diffuser for greater user comfort
  • Carbon cartridge fitted to waistbelt for ease of use
  • Lightweight for good working comfort
  • Polycarbonate visor provides resistance against impact, and features a wide field of vision
  • Integral foam face seal
  • Fabric head and neck cover to protect from spray and debris
  • Spray gun air hose with quick-release connectors
  • Belt-mounted filter system with filter change indicator
  • Two disposable visor covers protect the visor from scratches and debris
  • Fabric face seal cassette
  • Carbon filter element removes odours
  • Warning whistle to warn when the supply pressure is insufficient to guarantee the user’s safety
  • Inlet connector attaches to a compressed air system (compressed air supply hose sold separately)
  • Contained in carry bag for ease of transportation

What’s in the box?

Kit supplied complete with: headpiece, breather tube, waistbelt with carbon filter unit and storage/carry bag.


1 x Honeywell Half Face Mask Kit (waist belt, carbon filter, head piece, breather hose) £189

1 x Spraygun Hose + High Flow Coupling £39.80

1 x Extra Carbon Cartridge Filter £37.96

At a glance

  • Tested/Certified EN14594:2005 Class 4A
  • A lightweight headpiece reduces fatigue
  • Large visor giving wide field of vision
  • Optimal flow regulation in the visor
  • Impact-resistant acetate visor
  • Disposable visor covers
  • Head & neck cover
  • Designed especially for chemicals & paints

Main shell components – Polyprolylene Face Seal – Non-woven polypropylene
Visor Screen – Chemical resistant
Visor Screen Material – Cellulose acetate
Visor Screen Covers – Polyester (anti-static coating)
Head and Neck Cover – Non-woven polypropylene
Air Diffuser – Silencer (open cell foam in rigid casing)

Belt or Harness – Waistbelt
Material – Woven Polyester

Hose – Food grade PVC material, complete with High Flow Quick Release connectors

Supply Pressure – 4,2 (58 psi) to 7 bars (102 psi)
Airflow Rate – 290 l/min


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