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Dust Extraction Equipment Classes Explained



< 0.005% Dusts with maximum allowable concentrations (MAC) < 0.1 mg/m³

L Class is awarded to entry level extractors and is suitable for use with less hazardous dusts such as those generated from soft woods and gypsum in plasterboard. The filter is capable of extracting 99% of particles so is not suited for use with more hazardous dusts such as those from sanding paint, fibreglass or hardwood.

Recommended for: Soft woods | Gypsum | Corian

Metabo VC20 – L CLASS

Metabo Mobile Dust Extractor 20L - 20L

This compact L Class Mobile Extractor from Metabo is ideal for cleaning up after messy jobs and is highly mobile thanks to its low weight and compact construction.

The 20 litre container is able to clear a large volume of liquids and dry solids and benefits from the following features:

  • Automatic shut-down when vacuuming liquids once the maximum fill level is reached
  • Cable winding mechanism
  • Practical accessory case and storage area


Festool CTL MIDI Dust Extractor

With a low weight and compact dimensions, the CTL MIDI is the ideal companion for assembly, installation and renovation work. The compact wet/dry extractor with 15 l container volume is perfect for extracting
small to medium volumes of dust and dirt.

  • Extremely compact and lightweight, for simple transport
  • Better organisation thanks to hose depot for safe storage of hose and cable
  • Strong suction power thanks to compact high-performance turbine and conical suction hose

Rupes S130PL Electric Dust Extractor – L CLASS

RUPES S130PL Mobile Dust Extractors are a professional solution highly suited for cleaning up after messy sanding jobs. Offering excellent value for money, the Rupes S130L is a simplified alternative to the S145 but still delivers excellent performance and premium features.

  • Automatic shut off
  • Volume control
  • Efficient suction for only 1200 Watts

Rupes S145EL Electric Dust Extractor – L CLASS

Rupes S145EL L Class Electric Dust Extractor

RUPES S145EL Mobile Dust Extractors are a high spec vacuum with the kind of features you would expect on an M or even H class extractor. Fitted with Rupes patented S.C.S Self Cleaning System with filter cartridges as well as connectors for on tool extraction functions.

  • Large dust and liquid container
  • 2 large filters for constant and efficient filtering
  • Very quiet at 67dB(A)


< 0.1% Dusts with maximum allowable concentrations (MAC) ≥ 0.1 mg/m³

M Class extractors are 99.9% efficient, meaning that only 0.1% particles might not be captured through the filters. M Class is the UK legal minimum as specified by the HSE for certain industries. Dust extractors rated as M Class will not necessarily offer greater filtration or suction performance but are generally better suited to trade users and will come fitted with safety features such as an alarm to notify the user when the filter is becoming clogged.

Recommended for: GRP | Hardwood | Paint


The self-cleaning S130EM M Class mobile dust extractor from Rupes is highly suited for on-tool extraction thanks to its compact size and manoeuvrability. The extractor offers important safety features such as hose selector and air pressure alarm.

  • Automatic self-cleaning system with filter cartridges.
  • Manual or Automatic start-up
  • Includes a built-in service level indicator to show you when the dust extractor needs replacement of motor brushes.

Rupes S145EPM – M CLASS

This Pneumatic Mobile Dust Extractor offers a professional extraction solution and is suitable for a variety of workshop environments. Predisposed for connection with both pneumatic and electric tools, the handy mobile extractor from Rupes even has a self-cleaning of filters function.

  • Automatic self-cleaning system with filter cartridges
  • Manual or Automatic start-up
  • Includes a built-in service level indicator to show you when the dust extractor needs replacement of motor brushes

Rupes KS260EPNT 2 User Output Electric/Air – M CLASS

The KS260EPNT is a unique model to DTC which includes 2x 5m air/dust coaxial hose. This highly versatile mobile extraction unit comes fitted with 2 electric and 2 air outlets allowing the Rupes extractor to be used effectively with both air and electric tools. Our price, including 2 hoses, cannot be matched anywhere else in the UK.

  • Mobile extraction unit equipped for simultaneous connection to two tools, electric or air
  • Robust, stable and highly manoeuvrable machine
  • TÜV certification assures the operator of a high degree of quality and safety

Delton DEL500 Mobile Dust Extractor – M CLASSDEL500 Mobile Dust Extractor

The DEL500 Mobile Dust & Fume Extractor is a heavy duty industrial unit that is highly mobile thanks to the sturdy inflated wheels and highly flexible articulated arm. The interchangeable filter cartridges make this a highly popular option for production facilities working with compounds of varying toxicities.

  • Comes fitted with either a 2m or 3m arm and a range of hoods for specific jobs
  • Dimensions: 1040 x 800 x 1560mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 90Kg


For Safely Working With Explosive Dusts

ATEX extractors are designed to handle potentially explosive dusts. Through the use of wet filters (and other methods), explosive dusts can be neutralised and removed safely.

With recent innovations in composite materials new binding resins are being introduced, some of which have explosive characteristics. This has led to an increased demand for ATEX extractors in our industry.

Recommended for: Carbon Fibre | Aluminium | GFRP


Festool CT48EC Specialist Dust Extractor for Carbon Fibre Sanding - 240v

Designed with the composites industry in mind, this specialist dust extractor is well suited for carbon fibre sanding processes. It comes with integrated connections for EAA and compressed air tools and is safe for use with several of the more hazardous composite materials.

  • Approved for dust category M
  • Antistatic function prevents static developing during work
  • Cable holder to keep things tidy
  • Attachment of Systainers via Sys-Dock
  • Economical because of the optimal use of the available volume with a SELFCLEAN filter bag in the container
  • EC-TEC motor for continuous use
  • With integrated connection for EAA and compressed air tools
  • Conforms with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC for Zone 22 – dust from explosion classes St1, St2 and St3 is reliably extracted

Rupes Pneumatic – ATEX

Rupes Mobile Atex Dust Extractor KX 135

This powerful Rupes Mobile Extractor is ideal for marine and composite users who handle potentially explosive dust like Carbon Fibre.

  • Connector for one pneumatic tool (5 metres).
  • Meets directive ATEX 94/9/CE
  • Pneumatically powered motor
  • Extraction provided via a Venturi system
  • Designed for safe working in potentially explosive atmospheres up to zone 22 (ATEX 99/92/CE)
  • Supplied with: Pivotable front connector
  • 4mm Suction hose
  • Paper filter bag
  • 4mm Pneumatic extraction hose


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