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Washroom Supplies

Washroom Supplies

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  1. Toilet Rolls

    • Plain
    • 2 Ply
    • 36 Rolls per case
  2. C-Fold Hand Towels

    • 1 Ply
    • Standard
    • Packed 16 x 168
  3. Janitol Plus Floor Cleaner - 5L

    Removes ground in and burnt on deposits of oils, fats, greases and heavy soilings without hard rubbing

  4. Premium C-Fold Towels White - Box 4500

    • Single ply self-presenting interleaved hand towel
    • Case of 15 sleeves, each sleeve containing 300 towels = 4500
  5. Swarfega Heavy-duty Handcleaner 4L

    Swarfega Heavy-duty Handcleaner 4L

  6. Swarfega Paint Pro 4L Hand Cleaner

    Specialist hand cleanser combining dibasic ester and natural cornmeal hand scrub to remove paints, adhesives and most other paint and bodyshop soilings. For use with Swarfega® Paint Pro 4L Dispenser.

  7. DEB 'Protect Plus' Pre-Work Protective Cream - 1L

    • Protects the skin against contamination from water based liquids
  8. Deb 'Protect Plus' After-Work Cream 1L

    For further information on this product click the 'View Details' button to the right.

  9. Toilet Roll Holder

    • Dimensions: 130 x 78mm.
    • Aluminium Frame
  10. Wash gun

    • Rubber insulated body and handle
    • Scuff resistant
    • Trigger lock

23 Items results

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