BAXT Introduce New Reusable Painters Overall to Growing PPE Range of Paintshop Consumables SPRAYTEC S4

BAXT have just delivered their first shipment of Spraytec S4 painters overalls to UK distributors Direct Tool Company.

With the massive success of the C7 Disposable Coveralls and premium R7 Racetec Coveralls, the S4 is to sit in between these two great solutions. The three-piece collection of protective workwear from BAXT offer different levels of protection and comfort to suit any application.

  • The C7 disposable option are ideally suited for those messy jobs and for quick jobs.
  • The Spraytec S4 Painters Overalls are really specific for painting and offer high levels of protection and comfort not dissimilar to the R7.
  • The R7 Racetec Coveralls are designed to be worn all day and offer exceptional comfort.

Spraytec is a mid-range painters overall which truly delivers great value for money, no expense has been spared in the manufacturing process. The stylish design is testament to this, as is the ergonomic tailored cut which ensures maximum comfort and extended longevity of the overall.BAXT S4 Spraytec Overall 1

The new S4 reusable overalls come fully loaded with some excellent features usually reserved for products twice this price. The lint and silicone free construction utilises the original DuPont Teflon Coating to provide enhanced CAT.I protection. In addition to this, an extensive air ventilation system with slot at the back and net inset at the axle to ensure maximum air circulation. And finally, knee pockets with a hook and loop surface for kneepads is a nice feature many painters will welcome.

Finished in a chrome glossy grey, the new Spraytec S4 painters overalls look almost as good as they sound!

“We’re excited to see the response to this new addition to the BAXT PPE range. The other coveralls available from BAXT are growing in sales by the week. These look and feel great and fill the void between the entry-level disposable option and the high-end anti-static, breathable Racetec.”

Explains Warwick Binks, head of product development at BAXT.

BAXT have indicated that the Spraytec may also become available in a range of colours and additional sizes should it prove as popular as its sibling products in this range.

I sense an air of confidence that these could quickly become the top-selling paintshop protective clothing from BAXT.

About BAXT

Part of the AMBA Group, BAXT recently took over from BEST Products and continues to work closely with their key customers to understand their needs and deliver high-quality alternatives to the market leading brands at the right price.

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