MouldCAM Adopt WE…POWER Stock Control System To Save Time Replenishing Stores

MouldCAM are an international leading manufacturer of complex shapes and composite structures. We introduced our WE…POWER system at the end of last year having identified an opportunity to streamline MouldCAM’s ordering processes.

We first installed sturdy DTC cabinets out of the way in the workshop to offer additional storage options for the busy production team.stock control cabinet

MouldCAM supplied us with copies of their stock order sheets which were quickly transferred into digital order forms and stored in their DTC HUB account. We trained the team on how to get the most out of their new online account and now anyone with a user login within the company can access the same stock lists and quickly place repeat orders. This has proven particularly helpful for when the key stores manager is absent.

The mobile version of DTC HUB allows MouldCAM to place top-up orders without ever leaving the workshop.

“We are very pleased with the easy to use WE…POWER system and thankful to DTC for their continued support. I have already recommended DTC to numerous customers and associates alike and will continue to do so. ” explained Business Manager, Scott King.

WE…POWER is our entry level stock control solution. It’s a powerful system aimed to help small-medium store teams.

The concept is based around us supplying customers with the tools and training they need to better manage their consumable stock. This can vary depending on the needs of each customer but will often include:

  • Shelving and/or cabinets
  • Support in setting up their online account in DTC HUB
  • Training of staff on DTC HUB
  • Stock count templates

Lots of exciting new developments are being implemented in DTC HUB and we are excited to be releasing a new app which will supercharge the WE…POWER offering, watch this space!

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