When Your Everyday Tools Just Can’t Cut It

Innovation in materials technology is happening at the rate at which tool manufacturers are struggling to cope with.

There is always a fine balance between the cost and performance of tools. While there are a couple of highly specialised tools engineered for carbon fibre that are readily available, they are still highly expensive and the cost is not justified.

What we recommend:

Dynabrade air cut-off toolDynabrade air cut-off tool 5” 

When you need to cut through a thin or thick laminate or sandwich panel very quickly, the Dynabrade air cut-off tool is highly effective when it comes to speed of cut and finish.

The extracted tools are very effective at dust capture at source to make for a clean working environment. High RPM allows for a clean cut with minimal cracking/splitting of material, equipped for dust extraction

Combined with our electo-plated high grade diamond discs, this setup is well suited to cutting thermoset composite materials and is highly effective over a wide range of materials.

The high RPM of this model allow for clean cuts in tougher composite materials.

This jigsaw works well for cutting straight lines and getting into tight corners. A standard metal cutting blade will work for a while but will burn out after about 3-4 feet of cutting.

We would always recommend using the Bosch carbon fiber jigsaw blade that works incredibly well, you should be able to cut over 10 times more using one of these blades than a typical metal blade. Be sure to use a backing material underneath to get a cleaner cut.

  • Cengar PL905 Heavy Duty AirsawAIRSAW 2

The Cengar JP901 is one of our top selling air saws that features a short stroke and fast cutting (10,000 RPM) suitable for cutting durable laminate materials such as epoxy, Kevlar and others which can be a challenge to cut cleanly.

A low vibration, fast cutting saw. Ideal for cutting heavy section G.R.P. and Metal up to 50mm thick. Used for many applications including Boatbuilding, Ship Building and Repair, Vehicle Repair & Adaptations and Aircraft Maintenance.

Also available with optional front inside trigger.

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