DTC Completes Extra Large Spray Booth Installation For Luxury Yacht Builder Based In Plymouth Manufacturing Facility

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_single_image image=”978″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]Luxury Yacht Builder choose DTC to upgrade paint shop facility with latest in spray booth technology. 

Plymouth, Devon. A prestigious yacht manufacturer located in the historic coastal city of Plymouth, Devon. A need arose at the large manufacturing facility to accommodate specialist refinishing and personalised colour coding procedures and so they reached out to trusted supplier Direct Tool Company. 

The luxury yacht building company previously had 3 individual spray booths, 2 of which were standard car-sized booths, and one was 5 meters long. When attempting to spray large fly bridges these booths fell far short of what was required in terms of size. A permanent made for purpose solution was desperately needed. 

As such, size was of paramount importance to this project, it was the number one concern. Once a location was identified as suitable to install a booth of sufficient proportions for painting even the largest objects on a regular basis. After a few discussions and a thorough evaluation, DTC presented a recommended solution. This quickly led to approval and sign off from the engineering team and the project began promptly. 

DTC installed a single large booth of 20M x 10M X 3.8M (WXDXH). The booth features a sliding door midsection which allows it to be quickly and easily partitioned into 2 separate 10M booths to allow simultaneous spraying of smaller projects. This partitioned design pattern ensured that the spray booth can always be operating at maximum capacity – regardless of the size of the object that is being sprayed. 

“The size and scale of the spray booth that was needed added considerable complications. With some careful calculations the final installation included 4 separate extraction motors / fans, and 2 separate input motors / fans. The burner boxes were 16 meters cubed, which is over 5 times larger than those you’d see in a standard car-sized spray booth!” Explained Warwick Binks, Head of the DTC Projects division.

The ceiling filtration system again surpasses anything that would be installed in a standard spray booth. It has 52 filters installed throughout the booth, as opposed to 4 in a standard car spray booth. Additionally, 24 side extraction filters were installed to remove harmful fumes, and 32 pocket filters were installed within the extraction machinery. 

DTC delivered a turnkey solution covering everything from the booth itself through to exhaust and input ventilation systems that lead to the roof. Additionally, DTC installed a paint storeroom and a paint mixing room in the near vicinity of the new booth – further increasing productivity and optimising operative workflows. 

“May I say you guys did a superb job on site and it was a pleasure having you. In my time I have had a few spray booths fitted but none I have never needed to get 100% involved in to make them meet the deadline without a fuss! Thank you for your support on this project, very much appreciated.” Said their Operations Manager. 

DTC delivered the project both on time, and within budget. The end result is that now the luxury yacht manufacturer are now able to have 6 operatives working on two fly bridges simultaneously. They can also transition between smaller and larger objects with the minimum of hassle, and productivity will benefit dramatically as a result. 

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