[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]National supplier of finishing tools and consumables Direct Tool Company, enters a fresh digital era after the successful launch of their innovative online ordering system for growing customer base.

After many years of focus in developing their online offering, Direct Tool Company (better known as DTC) stepped it up a notch by unveiling their nifty DTC HUB online platform. A concentrated team effort involving input from sales, marketing, operations and the administrative departments is how DTC believes they produced the best online platform in the industry.

The specialist tools and consumables supplier work with many top names in the Automotive, Marine and Industrial markets carrying out finishing procedures. DTC HUB has been designed with the customer in mind and aims to save time for the purchasing teams by boasting features like bespoke favorite product lists. These are lists automatically set up based on buying behavior that can be easily customised to suit the user’s requirements.

The platform goes beyond just ordering by allowing users to check and pay outstanding balances, review the spending of different branches and keeping an eye out for new products. With accounts conveniently linked to credit facilities, customers are able to rapidly place top-up orders anytime and anywhere with just a couple of clicks.

DTC’s Digital Marketing Manager Lloyd Russell was taken on to lead the project. “Our customers have been quick to sign up and are astonished at how easy the platform is to use. With more and more orders coming in through DTC HUB this has resulted in drastically reduced paperwork, ordering errors and unnecessary time spent on the phone.” Explained Lloyd. “Of course, a key aspect of our service offering is our in-house expertise and unique ability to make educated tooling suggestions. DTC HUB doesn’t undermine this, if anything the in-house team are now more available then ever thanks to the reduced volume of orders taken over the phone!” He added.

By implementing an online live chat service, DTC customers are now free to submit any queries to the team with the click of the button. This allows the user to build orders at their leisure and can alleviate the strain from building large top-up orders.

DTC continue to develop the platform and are working hard to launch a new app by the second quarter of 2017. The app development promises to remove the passé method of taking scraps of paper back to the desk to then process and could eventually integrate with unitary stock control systems.

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