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Paintshop & Panelshop

Paintshop & Panelshop

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  1. Clear Masking Film - 5.0m

    Static treated white, coated polythene is produced to be antistatic yet paint absorbent.

  2. 3M06349 Trim Masking Tape - 50.8mm X 10m

    Developed for masking the rubber trim on bonded screens and sealed windows. A small plastic strip is pushed behind the rubber and a 38mm self-adhesive tape is folded back and stuck to the window to hold the rubber clear of the paintwork.
    • Protects rubber from overspray.
    • Easy to mask around corners.
    • Excellent temperature performance.

  3. Wheel Covers (4)

    Pack of 4 wheel protection covers made of nylon material.

  4. Wheel Masking Covers (80)

    Unique product which makes tyre masking easy when painting a rim

  5. Tacky Surface Coating 5L

    Tacky Surface Coating 5L Spray Protection is clear and water-based.

  6. 3M06314 Fine Line Striping Tape - 25.4mm x 13.9m

    A more specialised tape, for applications requiring fine two tone or paint striping work.
    • Sharp paint lines.
    • Less edge build up.
    • Excellent curvability without edge tear or wrinkling.
    • Virtual elimination of imprint even on fresh paint surface, due to low tack adhesive.

  7. 3M06506 Refix Tape 12mm x 10m (4) - 12mm x 10m (4)

    A double sided tape wound on a roll so that the adhesive can be applied by hand

Showing 1-12 of 1162 results

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