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  1. DeWalt DWP849X Polisher

    • Rubber overmoulded gearcase allows the user to grip the gearcase for greater comfort
    • Variable speed trigger allows the user to control the speed of the unit by adjusting the force applied to the switch
    • Large variable speed dial allows the user to easly change their speed to suit specific applications
  2. Farecla Profile Advanced Liquid Compound

    • Great on Many Painted Surfaces
    • No Fillers
    • High Grade Compound
  3. Farecla Profile Polywax UV Wax (Hand Application)

    • Gives an excellent high gloss finish to surfaces
    • Highly durable UV Wax provides a strong barrier against water and UV degradation
    • Weather-Proof
  4. Farecla Profile Polywax UV Wax (Machine Application)

    • Quick and easy to use, making short work of large surfaces such as on boats, caravans, trucks and planes
    • Delivers a high gloss finish of excellent evenness and clarity
    • Highly water resistant
  5. Farecla Profile Finishing Liquid Compound

    • Economical in use due to its low viscosity
    • Swirl and Hologram Remover
    • Restores dull surfaces and enhances colour
  6. Farecla Profile Select Liquid Compound

    • Great Value
    • Versatile & Swirl Free
    • One-Step on Gel Coats
  7. Farecla Extra Coarse Cut Compound

    • Efficient in Action
    • Strong and Effective
    • Low Gloss Effect for Solid Surfaces
  8. Farecla G3 Wax Liquid Protection

    •  Provides a superior gloss finish on all types of fully cured paintwork
    • Viscous formulation spreads easily providing a thick protective coating that won’t dry out on the surface and buffs off quickly
    • Does not dry out in use in direct sunlight so it can be applied outside
  9. Farecla 63 Gloss Enhancer

    • Rapidly Enhanced Gloss
    • Excellent Filling Capabilities
    • Protective Properties
  10. Farecla G6 Rapid Paste Compound

    • Permanent Finish Removes P1500 abrasive marks quickly and easily with no fillers
    • Silicone Free Can be used in body shops and applied nearby to where paints are used
    • High Gloss System Can be used with G10 Finishing Compound for an enhanced gloss finish
  11. 3M Perfect-It III High Gloss Pad Blue 75mm Pack of 4

    • Get a high gloss shine on dark coloured paint finishes
    • Get fewer fly-offs
    • Achieve an ultimate finish
  12. Microfibre Finishing Cloths (100)

    • Edgeless seams to help prevent scratches 
    • Machine washable finishing cloths can be used up to 300 times
    • Great for cleaning

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