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  1. Coloured Rags - 10kg

    A general purpose light weight and economical wiping cloth

  2. G-Mop Finishing Cloths (3) - 3 pack

    Finishing cloths engineered with microfibre technology.

  3. 240V Sander/Polisher Kit - 240V Polisher Kit

    Sanding & Polishing kit which includes:

  4. Makita 9227CB Polisher 240V

    • Variable speed control
    • Ideal for polishing or disc sanding applications
    • Front 'D' handle for user comfort
  5. CP8210 Polisher 240V


  6. 3M50417 Fast Cut Plus Compound - 1 kg

    Fast acting liquid abrasive that removes sanding scratches from refinished or original paintwork

  7. 3M09374 Fast Cut Compound - 1 kg

    A fast acting, coarse grade compound for rapid removal of fine sanding scratches. Effective in achieving a high gloss finish on both fresh and aged paint systems

  8. Farecla G3 Advanced Liquid Compound - 1 litre (1.4kg)

    G3 Liquid is the favourite compound for most users allowing versatility, quality and speed to shine through in comparison with many other compounds. It has been tested to work on all paint systems and is proven with paint company accreditation to be compliant and work well in polishing defects out of any paint type including anti-scratch clearcoats.

  9. 3M06044E Imperial Compound - 1 litre

    3M’s Imperial Compound and Finishing Material has a fast cut and leaves an excellent finish without swirl marks

Showing 1-12 of 143 results

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