DTC - Dust Extraction Services

Dust extraction is a hot topic today in a world where increased use of composite materials has led to troublesome hazardous airborne particles. Our projects team are well known throughout the marine, industrial and composite industries for cutting edge dust and air extraction solutions, there is no job too big or small for our competent team of engineers.

Composites Dust Extraction

Safe and effective collection of GRP dust generally requires specific filters designed to handle high grade and fine dust particles. Our projects team have many years’ experience with fitting out workshops handling primarily CFRP, GRP and FGRP materials. From small yacht repair workshops to large international superyacht manufacturing facilities, we have implemented effective solutions eradicating extensive use of personal protection equipment (PPE).

Our trained and qualified engineers are composite specialists and will quickly identify the most suitable filtration required for your bespoke air control necessities.

On tool Extraction Solutions

Collecting dust at source is often the most effective method of dust extraction for many refinishing processes such as grinding, sanding and cutting. As air quality control methods progress in the refinishing sectors, production managers have been quick to adopt the latest on-tool dust extraction technology. These solutions offer highly affordable and effective means of dust removal and are very quick to implement.

We have seen a recent influx of marine customers, particularly boat repair workshops take up this method of dust extraction. Our projects team are able to offer bespoke solutions with the key objective of never compromising workshop efficiency. This is particularly relevant to on tool extraction solutions whereby heavier, bulky options can have a detrimental impact on productivity.

Aerospace Dust Control Solutions

With aerospace applications involving harder and more injurious materials & adhesives, elevated levels of protection are required for operators. We have worked with numerous airplane manufacturing/repair facilities requiring bespoke filtration tailored for their dust extraction requirements.

America's Cup Yacht Racing Team Case Study

DTC were selected by a prestigious America's Cup yacht racing team to supply, install and commission a dust extraction system. The substantial bespoke project required compliance with carbon fibre dusts and also incorporated the installation of an air compressor.

Project Overview

Project: P10975

Type: Dust & Air

Size: 220 metres

On Budget: Yes

On Schedule: Yes

Air hose and compressed air reel

A completely bespoke extraction system was required to handle the copious volumes of harmful carbon dust produced through general building and repairing work. The 20 horsepower centralised dust extraction turbine with inverter system was fitted with a 3500mm/H20 vacuum.

The variable speed rotary screw compressor offering a flow of 22.8 to 129.4 cfm was installed mounted on a 500ltr capacity receiver. Other features included the integration of refrigeration dryer and electronic drain.

The project began with a thorough onsite consultation leading to the drafting of plans and 3D CAD drawings.

The base where the large yacht racing team repair and improve the arsenal of catamarans can have over 20 engineers/designers working at one time. This number of people carrying out tasks such as cutting, sanding and grinding produces large quantities of harmful air pollutants.

Our fit-out of the workshop included 19 manual terminals, 12 of which fitted twin dust outlets and 19 double air outlets allowing operators to access compressed air and extraction almost anywhere throughout the entire workshop. This allowed for quick and easy on tool extraction to be incorporated without the need of mobile extraction units. The access points were all run off one air compressor and extraction system with piping discreetly fitted out throughout the site.