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Dust Free Sanding Achieved With New Best Ceramic Net Abrasive Range

N6 Net Disc AbrasiveThe unmistakable demand for a greater choice of dust free ceramic sanding solutions has been prevalent in the UK’s finishing industries for quite some time now. Several products are currently available on the market, but they are mostly either expensive or poor quality.

Today DTC (Direct Tool Company LTD) is pleased to announce that they are able to offer finishing professionals the alternative they have been waiting for. DTC are now the exclusive UK stockist of BEST’s range of ceramic net sanding solutions and have the full range ready and waiting to ship to customers.

BEST’s range of ceramic net sanding solutions consists of three innovative new products, the N6 ceramic net sanding disc and NS7 ceramic abrasive strips. Combined these two products enable professionals in the UK’s finishing industries to have a real alternative to the lacking (and expensive) offerings from other brands.

“Today we are proud to finally announce more results of a long and fruitful collaboration with BEST. Their ceramic net sanding products are some of the highest quality, and most reasonably priced products currently available anywhere in the UK. This game-changing release will give professionals in the finishing industries the alternative they have been crying out for, for some time now.” Explained Rick Wakeford, DTC Head Of Sales.

BEST N6 Ceramic Net Abrasive Disc

Ceramic Net Sanding Discs

This ceramic net abrasive disc was born from a collaboration between BEST and the world renowned Smirdex. The combination of talent and expertise from both companies has created a product that will change the way professionals in the finishing industries think about modern abrasives.

BEST’s N6 discs are 150mm in size and are available in a range of grits ranging from p80 all the way through to p500. This comprehensive selection enables dust free abrasion suitable for all stages of the finishing process.

The revolutionary design of the ceramic net that makes up the product provides a wide range of benefits over traditional abrasives. The modern materials combined with advanced design techniques enable intense and efficient abrasion (while remaining delicate and precise).

Abrasion is uniform throughout the entire surface area of the ceramic discs. These are products that have been designed to work with your existing workflow and integrate seamlessly.

This reliability is a direct result of the development and research BEST and Smirdex have put into their ceramic net technology. The unique design allows professionals to push their products harder and longer (without having to worry about pilling and clogging during use). This removes many traditionally encountered issues that less advanced abrasive discs are commonly known for suffering from.

Additionally, the ceramic net design provides incredible dust extraction capabilities. This is delivered throughout the entire surface of the disc. In practice, this enables an almost 100% dust free work environment when combined with a dust extraction system.

BEST have stated that these may very well be the longest lasting, and most durable abrasive discs the company has ever made. When this comment is viewed within the context of the already exemplary durability record of BEST’s other products – it’s not a statement many people are likely to take lightly.

“There is nothing on the market that can compete with the N6 and NS7 range of ceramic net products from BEST. Teaming up with Smirdex has enabled the company to develop products that provide virtually dust-free work environments, with no clogging or pilling. At less than £20 for 50 discs, there is no other product available in the UK that can provide this level of performance at this price point” – Luke Wakeford, DTC Head Of Procurement.

BEST NS7 Ceramic Net Sanding Strips

BEST has spent many years developing their ceramic net system, and the company seeks to enable finishing professionals to use their technology on projects of all shapes and sizes.

BEST’s NS7 sanding strips utilize the same ceramic net technology that can be found in the N6. Again the product is the result of a team effort combining the expertise of BEST and Smirdex. Together their collaboration has created a product that will change the way professionals in the UK’s finishing industries think about high end sanding strips.Abranet Ceramic Sanding Strips

Again due to the advanced technology and manufacturing processes of the ceramic net used for abrasion, there will be no pilling or clogging while in use. This allows finishing professionals to get on with the job at hand, without worrying about uneven abrasion due to low-quality products.

To ensure that their technology can be used on projects of all shapes and sizes, BEST have released the NS7 sanding strips in two commonly used sizes. Both the smaller 70mm x 198MM strips and the larger 70mm x 420mm strips can be found in a wide range of grits from p80 through to p500.

“DTC’s valued customers will be able to use the advanced ceramic net technology developed by BEST in a wide range of applications thanks to the NS7 sanding strips. The comprehensive selection of grits combined with the choice of two standardized sizes ensures seamless compatibility with existing workflows.”- Rick Wakeford, DTC Head Of Sales.

Who Are BEST?

BEST are one of the world’s leading refinishing product manufacturers. Their diverse range of advanced finishing solutions are widely regarded and are commonly utilised within the marine, automotive, and composite engineering industries.

They regularly strike the right balance between quality and affordability to offer professionals in the finishing industries a competitively priced alternative to some of the more well-known brands. What they lack in brand recognition, they often make up for in quality. They are quickly becoming one of the UK’s go-to choices for finishing solutions.

Available Now

DTC is pleased to announce that the revolutionary technology from BEST and Smirdex is now available for order online or over the phone.

Both the N6 and NS7 are in stock, and are ready and waiting for next day delivery to any UK workplace.

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