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Top Tips For Applying Protection Material To A Spray Booth

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WARWICK’s TOP TIPS when applying protection material to an old booth:

  1. Ensure booth walls are smooth, clean and dry before applying.

  2. Suggested Preparation for Booth Walls

  – Scrape with blade to remove dirt particles
– Sand with P240 to provide flat surface
– Wipe lightly with thinners, concentrate on lower part of walls, this is most effected

  1. Test a small piece of WP10 wallpaper to check adhesion levels first.

  2. Keep the WP10 wallpaper roll in the purpose made dispenser box.

  1. Overlap the edges on each join- this avoids airflow getting in behind and lifting. Be sure

            to overlap to the lined markings on the wallpaper.

  1. Smooth down all across the covering with the spatula provided.

  1. Cover wall right to the top and down to the bottom.

  1. Remove clear protective layer once applied before your first bake cycle.


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