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Paint Mixing Rooms | The Essential Guide

If you paint vehicles or other objects professionally, it is important that you consider having a paint mixing room. This can make your operation a lot safer and more efficient overall. There are many different things to consider before you get started.


Design Basics

There are a few key basics of mixing room design that you need to be aware of. All mixing rooms require constant ventilation, because otherwise they are not safe work environments. It is important that you have good lighting for this type of room as well. The quality of the lighting in this room will greatly impact your ability to mix paint compounds effectively.

You will also need an effective way to contain spills to keep cleanup and expenses to a minimum. Make sure that you have a spill barrier that measures at least 3” tall. Spills tend to be very common in mixing rooms, so you will need to factor this into your design.

Worker Safety

The main reason for a mixing room is to provide workers with a safe area to do their work. You will need to keep dangerous paints and compounds in one specific area to mitigate toxic exposure. A sophisticated filtration system will help you to vent dangerous fumes to keep this workspace safe.

Even with adequate ventilation, it is still important for all workers to put on protective gear when dealing with volatile and dangerous compounds. Make sure that you have a high-quality respirator, full body suits and thick gloves. All of the protective gear should be designed for handling these types of substances, because otherwise they are essentially useless.

Those who are exposed to even small amounts of these compounds can suffer long-term health problems, which is why it’s so crucial to take all the necessary precautions.

It is important that you invest in air-purifying respirators so that you aren’t exposed to the dangerous solvents and vapours that come with the mixing process. Your respirator should have organic vapour cartridges. You will also need to make certain it fits snugly against your face so that the fumes and vapours don’t have any way of getting into your body.

Make sure that you replace the cartridges for the respirator on a regular basis so that you can get the maximum amount of protection when doing this sort of work.

You should wear chemical-resistant gloves when working in your paint mixing room. Exposing your hands to these substances can irritate the skin and cause serious damage to your body, affecting the internal organs.

The gloves you use should be made out of butyl rubber or nitrile. You will eventually need to replace your gloves, as they won’t last forever. Find out how often the manufacturer suggests replacing the gloves so you know when it is time. Your gloves will protect you from coming into direct contact with all sorts of dangerous things on a regular basis.

Protecting your skin and eyes is an essential part of working in a paint mixing room. You should always be well aware of the combination of chemicals that you are using in this room at any given time. It is highly recommended that you wear adequate eye protection as well. Lab-grade goggles are recommended for doing this type of work, and they will keep your eyes from becoming damaged from exposure to dangerous fumes and compounds.

Treat the Mixing Room Like the Spray Booth

When it comes to matters of safety and cleanliness, you should treat the mixing room just like you would the spray booth. Ventilation is essential for both of these workspaces, as well as exhaust fans. This minimises health risks to workers, but does not completely eliminate them. This is why it is so important for everyone who works in a mixing room or spray booth to wear protective gear.

Reducing Waste

It’s always a good idea to practice waste reduction in your paint mixing room. The less waste you produce, the more money you save. There are lots of ways to cut waste, such as by never mixing a greater quantity of paint than necessary. Spray guns with high volume and low-pressure ratings can help you work more efficiently and save a lot of time while reducing waste.

Reusing basecoats as well as primers that are leftover is a very effective way to save money. If you want to mix a small amount of paint, a computer mixing system is a good investment.

There are certain features that every mixing room should have in order to minimise contaminants for the safest and cleanest possible working environment.

Multiple Exhaust Systems

A multi-exhaust system is important for any mixing room, as it can remove chemicals and contaminated air at the same time. By having this type of system in your mixing room, you will be able to expel chemical particles completely. For the cleanest possible air in your mixing room, you should have a system that keeps circulating fresh air.

Code Compliance

You need to make sure that your mixing room is in total compliance with all codes. This will benefit those who work in this area as well, helping to keep them safe at all times. Having a mixing room that is not up to code is extremely unsafe and could cost you a lot.

Flexible Configuration

Your mixing room should have a flexible configuration so as to save as much space as possible. You might even want to consider having a custom mixing room designed and built so it matches your specific needs. The more flexible your mixing room is, the easier it will be to work efficiently in.

Workplace Safety

There are numerous safety precautions that you need to take if you are planning on using a paint mixing room. Make sure that you keep any flammable substances away from heat sources, as it could cause a fire or explosion. You also shouldn’t store more than 120 gallons of paint within less than seven feet of any areas that are used for spraying. This can present a major safety hazard, so you will need to keep this tip in mind.

Why Should You Have a Paint Mixing Room?

You will find that there are many different reasons to have your own paint mixing room. This room will provide you with a clean, safe and organised space to work in. Those who mix their paint in spray booths have more cleanup work and put themselves at greater risk for contaminant exposure.

A paint mixing room can help increase your productivity significantly, so you can get more done within a shorter period of time. Those who run their own business will need to take this into consideration before making a final decision. The more organised you are, the easier it is to get tasks accomplished quickly and properly on a daily basis.

Those who use a paint mixing room will also limit their exposure to toxic paints and compounds, which is important for many reasons. The more exposure you get to paint fumes, the greater risk you are at for developing serious respiratory issues such as emphysema and lung cancer. These mixing rooms often contain concentrated amounts of dangerous vapours and fumes, so you need adequate ventilation.

The very best way to protect yourself against potentially dangerous fumes and vapours is an effective ventilation system. You don’t want to go cheap on your ventilation for a maxing room, because you will put yourself at serious risk. Nobody who uses a mixing room should rely on exhaust alone to protect them from these hazardous contaminants. Adding a paint mixing room to your workplace setup can help you preserve your overall health for the long term.

Build Quality

The overall build quality of your paint mixing room is very important to consider. You want to make sure that your mixing room has heavy-duty panels that are made of a strong material, such as galvanised steel. The more solid the construction of the room, the safer and more long-lasting it will be. You don’t want to spend a significant amount of money on one of these rooms if it isn’t completely solid.

Paint Mixing Room Equipment

It is also important that you fill your paint mixing room with quality equipment. Some of the different things you will need include a mixing bench (preferably ventilated), test card spray-out, gun cleaners, heaters, and lining. You will also need a grid-style floor in this room to control spillage.

The more time you take to find the right equipment, the more efficiently and safely you can work. Even those who are on a budget shouldn’t opt for the absolute cheapest options available. Those who are willing to spend more will have a superior workspace for mixing paints.

An automated gun cleaner is another good investment you can make when it comes to the equipment you use. These cleaners can help you get the most out of your cleaning solvents, which in turn will save you quite a bit of money over the years.

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