7 Handy Tips To Effectively Maintain Your Spray Booth

When you get a breakdown, 80% of your business grinds to a halt, whereas a quick weekly check of your booth can prevent over 80% of such issues arising.

  1. KEEP IT CLEAN – keep the walls clean, tidy and dust free. Keep the floor clean to stop overspray and undesirable particles from entering your fresh paintwork, therefore reducing reworks. Keep your light protectors clean so your booth always has maximum light lux levels. If it’s dark and dirty you can make mistakes and not notice until you get outside in the natural light.
  1. CHANGE FILTERS REGULARLY– this keeps airflow within the spray booth at its correct designed levels. When this starts to drop, overspray starts to fly around, dust accumulates on the walls and flooring. Poor airflow also means fog takes longer to clear meaning the job stays in the booth longer. If the filters are blocked, the booth takes longer to get to temperature and may even struggle to get to temperature, which means longer bake cycles and softer paint which I’m sure you are fully aware is going to hurt production time and end product quality.
  1. ENSURE DOOR SEALS ARE CLEAN AND SEALED TO PREVENT CONTAMINATION – it’s amazing how much dust builds up on doors, this is so often overlooked and causes contamination in your fresh paint work. Outside undesirables like Silicon can easily find their way into your, just a quick wipe of the door seals is highly worth your effort.
  1. WEEKLY WALK AROUND OF THE BOOTH – is your motor making a funny sound? Are the dampers working correctly? A quick weekly inspection can identify these faults before they become a disaster.
  1. HAVE YOU GOT A SERVICE PLAN IN PLACE? – you need a smoke test carried out once per year and the booth serviced once per year which should involve; fan blade cleaning, burner removal clean and setup, general overspray removal of internal ductwork and machinery area. This will ensure your next 12 months will be trouble free, provided you maintain your in-house routines.
  1. IS YOUR COMPRESSOR PROVIDING CLEAN & DRY AIR? – The last thing you want is moisture in the air coming out of your air fed equipment. This can be a costly mistake and lead to all kinds of problems.
  1. HAS YOUR 3 STAGE REGULATOR WITHIN THE BOOTH BEEN CHECKED REGULARLY? – Are the filters in good health, do they need changing? We recommend you check and change these every 6 months at the very least. This is the air you breathe after all.

BONUS TIP: Spray booths are always built into/around a very dusty workshop, this means that all the external equipment connected to the booth can become caked in dust from the workshop environment.

20% of all breakdowns are caused from dust entering/fouling exposed movable parts such as changeover dampers for spray to bake cycles seize due to dust entering and causing failure.

If this area is accessible keep it tidy for a happy and healthy spray booth!

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