Direct Tool Company announces plans for the installation of a world class environmental cleaning system for luxury yacht builder

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Sunseeker International seeks to improve working conditions and reduce carbon footprint.

Direct Tool Company is pleased to announce that the company has been selected to install a cutting-edge dust extraction/environmental protection system for top yacht builder Sunseeker International.

Combatting the incessant air handling issue is crucial to ensuring consistent results and with an increase in production, Sunseeker chose Direct Tool Company as the prime consulting and contracting firm because of their in-depth industry knowledge and expertise.

Sunseeker is one of our most valued customers and we are extremely delighted to be working with them on this very important project “ said Tim Wakeford, Managing Director of Direct Tool Company.
“Yacht building procedures such as sanding, grinding and abrasive blasting all produce vast quantities of air pollutants which negatively affect visibility, safety and workshop efficiency as well as employee morale,” he added.

Alongside the primary objective of dust extraction, the innovative heat recovery solution will recover tremendous amounts of lost energy. As warm polluted air is cleaned and removed by means of the dust extraction equipment, heat is captured and recycled to warm the incoming clean air which consequently reduces the load on the building’s heating system. This, in turn, leads to curtailed energy bills and the critical carbon footprint.

“Although our roots stem from the distribution of tools, consumables and coatings, we are quickly expanding our expertise into innovative workshop extraction solutions for the marine, carbon fibre and composites industry,” added Mr Wakeford.

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