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Paintshop Ancillaries

Paintshop Ancillaries

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  1. Syringe

    • Choice of sizes
    • Guaranteed sterility
    • Long shelf-life
    From £0.34
  2. Empty Paint Tins

    • Top quality lever lid paint tins.
    • Suitable for paints, laquers etc.
    • Ideal for storing, transporting and decanting liquids with aggressive properties including industry applications such as adhesives, solvents, varnishes and chemicals.
    From £1.07
  3. Roller and Tray Set

    • Good all round performance
    • Suitable for smooth and semi-rough surfaces
    • Plastic handle push fit 38mm (1½") frame
    From £7.77
  4. Lint Free Sontara Wipes

    • Soft and smooth texture to effectively remove dust and dirt whilst maintaining absorbency for grease and oil clean ups
    • Very low linting, will not leave residue fibres behind on surfaces
    • Strong and durable whilst resistant to solvents and chemicals
    From £43.65
  5. BEST PS1 Flexible Paint Cup System

    Quick & Simple
    The PS1 replaces the traditional need for a separate paint mixing pot and paper filter. The two-piece system mixing cup and lid screw directly onto the gun saving time and dramatically increasing paint shop efficiency.

    From £34.50
  6. Gerson White Tack Cloth (12)

    Soft cotton tack cloth by Gerson. Tear & Tuck panel behind cloth.

    From £23.89
  7. Methylated Spirit

    • Virgin alcohol prepared for commercial and industrial use.
    • Can be used as a cleaner for paintwork, glassware and for wiping resinous matter from knots prior to knotting,
    • It is regularly used in furniture restoration and French polishing businesses.
    From £12.85
  8. 3M PPS Mixing Sticks

    • For the PPS mixing cup system
    • Specially sculpted edge to scrape paint from liner wall to ensure accurate colour mix
    • Available in two sizes: Standard (180mm) and Mini (150mm)
    From £3.22
  9. Dupont Presolve Paint

    A 6.4 VOC cleaning solvent specifically designed to remove wax, grease, silicone, dirt, tar, insect remnants, road film and pinstripe adhesives from the surface.  

    From £136.45
  10. 3M PPS Mixing Cup & Collar

    • Hard cups and collars support liners for the 3M™ Paint Preparation System, PPS™
    • 3M™ PPS™ is an all-in-one disposable solution for measuring, mixing, filtering, and spraying of paint materials
    • System enables the painter the ability to consistently spray at 90° to the part, no matter the part orientation (even upside down)
    From £7.28
  11. 3M PPS Lids & Liners Mini (50)

    • Only one PPS cup for mixing and spraying
    • Enables painters to mix less paint
    • Up to 70% savings of cleaning solvent
    • Closed system - no outside contamination
    • Faster system - from mixing to disposal
    • Less operator exposure to solvents and reduction in VOCs
    • Spray gun functions at any angle

    From £56.48
  12. Spraybooth Filters 1m x 20m

    • Use in combination with synthetic media to ensure compliance
    • Low resistance - long life filter
    From £20.12

Showing 1-12 of 124 results

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