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Paintshop Ancillaries

Paintshop Ancillaries

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  1. Tacky Surface Coating 5L

    Tacky Surface Coating 5L Spray Protection is clear and water-based.

    From £21.09
  2. Paint Stripper Industrial 5L

    Heavy duty, brushable paint stripper that will remove virtually any type of paint including 2 pack

  3. Bodyshop Wiper White

    Automax 5 is a lightweight general purpose cellulose wiper. This product has been developed to meet the specialist requirements of the body shop, as well as cater for the needs of most end users in many different environments. It is both economic and effective for general wiping including mopping up spillages quickly, cleaning tools and it is also soft enough for wiping dirty/greasy hands. Automax 5 is a boxed wipe which protects the roll against contamination. The roll end exits through an aperture in the top of the box, reducing over use.

  4. Tack Rags (box 50) - Standard

    High quality tack cloths for a mirror-smooth finish on the most critical paint jobs

  5. 3M Tack Cloths (10) - 3M Tack Cloths

    Cloths that use a 3-dimensional web structure to absorb dust particles prior to spraying. A wall mounted dispenser is available to store both new and partly used cloths

  6. Dry Guide Coat Aerosol - 450ml

    Highly effective dry powder that identifies low spots when flatting primer or filler.

  7. 15" Roller Refill - 15"

    • Trade roller refills for 15" roller frames & adjustable frames able to accept 15" roller sleeves
    • These sleeves are suitable for many applications
    • 15" size offers quicker cover saving time and money
  8. 3M Fast Cut XL

    • Offers greater coverage
    • Reduces amount of dusting into the air and adjacent panels
    • Easier clean up
  9. ProXL Plastic Cleaner & Degreaser - PROCLEANER Aerosol - 500ml

    PROCLEANER is an efficient and reliable antistatic cleaner for all interior and exterior plastic car parts, removing dirt, grease, oil, silicone, wax, tar, adhesive residues etc.


Showing 1-12 of 139 results

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