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Smart Repair

Smart Repair

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  1. Anest Iwata LPH80 Mini Spraygun

    • Ideal for small repairs (spot repairing)
    • Compact and lightweight (only 205 grams)
    • Fine atomization
    From £185.00
  2. Plast-X Plastic Repair System

    PLAS/1 - Strong effective plastic cleaner
    PLAS/2 - Powerful adhesion promoter
    PLAS/3 - Primer filler for plastic components
    PLAS/4F - Fine texture coating
    PLAS/4C - Coarse texture coating
    PLAS/5 - Plastic bumper and trim top coat paints, nine colours available.
    PLASPTKT - Kit containing cleaner, adhesion promoter, primer, textures and 4 most popular colours
    PLASCOKT - Kit containing all nine PLAS/5 colours

    From £16.85
  3. ProXL Plastic Cleaner & Degreaser - PROCLEANER Aerosol - 500ml

    PROCLEANER is an efficient and reliable antistatic cleaner for all interior and exterior plastic car parts, removing dirt, grease, oil, silicone, wax, tar, adhesive residues etc.

  4. PLAST X Smooth High Adhesion Body Filler for Plastics - 600ml

    • Ideal for flexible substrates such as bumpers, SMC & most plastics.
    • Pinhole free polyester filler that is fast drying and easy sanding.
    • Fills scratches and scuffs or can be used to finish a repaired area.

4 Items results

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