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8 COVID PPE Products to Help the Fight Against COVID-19 and Other Viruses

In the ongoing struggle to curb COVID-19, personal protective equipment PPE is vital for maintaining a safe environment. This piece delves into eight key COVID PPE items that play an indispensable role in combatting both the current pandemic and other viral threats. We will look at everything from face coverings and breathing filters to sanitising gels and single-use gloves.

These options for PPE for virus protection give you a comprehensive strategy to lessen the odds of catching or spreading infections. The list covers a broad spectrum of tools, each designed to tackle different aspects of safety.

Continue reading to learn how to bolster your protective steps in a variety of places, including work settings.

The importance of PPE for virus protection in the workplace

Ensuring worker safety from COVID-19 is of utmost importance. While it is essential to maintain operational productivity, it is equally crucial to uphold ethical standards and comply with legal health regulations. Infection prevention is vital to prevent absences and disruptions that could significantly hinder workflow. Implementing proactive measures like regular sanitisation, proper ventilation, and physical distancing can have a significant impact in limiting the spread of illness.

Workplaces are frequently hotspots for viral transmission, particularly if they are confined environments with limited airflow. In such situations, failure to take precautionary measures can put everyone at risk and jeopardise the workforce’s well-being. Negligence in this area can potentially expose organisations to substantial legal implications and lose employee and consumer trust.

The repercussions of a COVID-19 epidemic in the workplace are not limited to immediate consequences. A ruined brand reputation can have a long-term impact that takes years to repair. Furthermore, the emotional toll on employees who become unwell or observe colleagues being ill might be significant.

To summarise, businesses must seriously assess the COVID-19 threat and implement stringent safety precautions to protect their employees’ health. They fulfil moral and legal commitments (including Public Health England), secure the company’s future, and greatly advance the cause of public health national guidance by adhering to these standards.

1)   Protective coveralls

For front-line workers and medical personnel, protective coveralls and full-body suits are essential barriers against hazardous viruses like the COVID-19 virus. These full-body suits guarantee that no contaminated liquids or aerosols can pass through the clothing as they are made from fabrics that are both breathable and impermeable to fluids. Coveralls provide a comprehensive solution for lowering the risk of viral transmission through skin or clothes because they often include integrated hoods and booties.

It is important to note that the effectiveness of protective coveralls is also contingent upon proper donning and doffing procedures; incorrect usage can lead to contamination. These suits are generally disposable, minimising the risk of carrying the virus from one location to another on the clothing itself.

High-quality coveralls often meet specific international standards for infectious disease control, which provides an added layer of assurance. As part of a complete personal protective equipment PPE kit, protective coveralls stand as one of the most effective measures in safeguarding workers against COVID-19 and other viral infections.

A person in a white and grey coverall

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The BAXT Racetec R7 is an example of a premium painter’s coverall

2)   Antiseptic wipes

For healthcare workers and frontline staff, DTC’s alcohol wipes offer an easy and efficient way to stay sanitised when on the move. These wipes contain a large amount of alcohol, capable of eradicating nearly all germs and viruses on direct contact.

If you find yourself in a situation where soap and water are not within easy reach, these wipes provide a swift way to clean both your hands and various surfaces. Packaged in airtight, easy-to-carry pouches, they are straightforward to distribute and utilise.

These pre-soaked wipes are not just for hand hygiene; they are versatile enough to be used on frequently touched objects as well. This includes things like doorknobs, trolley handles, and gadgets, helping to lower the risk of spreading viruses.

Meeting international standards for quality, the wipes provide an added layer of security in the battle against COVID-19. Integrating these alcohol wipes into your daily routine or workplace hygiene protocols is a straightforward way to enhance your virus protection measures.

Alcohol Wipes

Try these alcohol wipes, which are directly available from DTC

3)   Hand sanitisers

Industrial hand cleansers from DTC, particularly hand sanitisers, are an indispensable tool in the fight against COVID-19 and other contagious diseases. These cleansing gels from DTC are rich in alcohol content, which makes them highly effective in killing nearly all types of harmful bacteria and viruses. They are particularly suited for places that are prone to high risks, such as medical centres, storage facilities, washrooms, and factories. The goal is quick and efficient hand cleaning.

The range of sizes (up to 5L) and ways to dispense these sanitisers means they can be easily adopted in various places, from personal use to areas that see a lot of foot traffic. These sanitising solutions adhere to strict global quality criteria, offering an added assurance of their effectiveness.

Adding these DTC gels to your company’s existing health and safety guidelines can make a substantial difference in minimising the likelihood of a viral outbreak among your employees. Utilising these cleansing solutions is an uncomplicated but crucial move to ensure the safety of everyone involved, especially in challenging periods like the current one.

BAXT Foaming Hand Sanitiser

BAXT foaming hand sanitiser is a great product to buy for the workplace

4)   Virucidal disinfectants

Virucidal disinfectants from DTC are a powerful asset in combating COVID-19 and a variety of other infectious viruses. These disinfectants are specially formulated to not only clean surfaces but also to eliminate a broad spectrum of pathogens.

These products are a top pick for areas where there is a high chance of catching or spreading viruses, like healthcare centres, educational institutions, and modes of public transportation. Offered in a variety of types and sizes, they can be customised to suit different places, from tiny offices to expansive industrial sites.

Their ability to keep spaces germ-free does not just make the environment safer; it also protects the health of everyone who walks in. These sanitising solutions actively contribute to the well-being of people within those areas.

Adding these cleaning agents to your existing sanitisation measures is a big step in the right direction for keeping viral illnesses at bay. Their consistent performance and high-quality make them a key component in any comprehensive plan for managing infection prevention.


Staples pine disinfectant is a good example of a virucidal disinfectant

5)   Respirators

DTC’s respirators are incredibly important for offering an enhanced level of face protection against COVID-19 and various other airborne viruses. These are not your regular face masks; they are engineered to sift out fine particles, making them more reliable in blocking harmful pathogens from being inhaled.

These respirators are especially useful for healthcare workers and anyone else facing a higher likelihood of virus exposure. DTC provides these masks in multiple designs and technical details, letting you pick one that is both comfortable and suited to your specific PPE requirements.

A snug fit is key, as it creates a tight seal around your face, thereby increasing the protective advantages. When used correctly and coupled with other safety measures, these respirators can drastically cut down the chances of spreading viruses. They serve as a vital element in wide-ranging safety plans in settings where the risk is heightened.

3M6000 Series Full Face Respirator Mask from DTC Tools

Buy the 3M 6000 series full face respirator mask from DTC

6)   Masks and face shields

Face coverings and visors from DTC are key elements in the battle to curb the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious agents. Masks are primarily aimed at trapping respiratory droplets that could harbour the virus, while face visors offer additional defence by shielding your full face, eyes included. This is especially vital since the virus can penetrate the body through various openings on the face.

DTC supplies a variety of these protective items, letting you select what suits your individual PPE requirements and the specific locations you will frequent. The combination of wearing both a mask and a face visor offers an added layer of safety, which is particularly useful for those in riskier environments like healthcare settings.

Correct usage of these protection tools boosts their efficacy in minimising the spread of viruses. As such, face masks and visors are essential components in any comprehensive personal protective equipment PPE plan aimed at combating COVID-19 and other infectious illnesses.


A medical visor is a great addition in any workplace

7)   Safety Goggles and eye protection

Protective eyewear and additional eye safety products from DTC play a key role in fighting against COVID-19 and other viruses. Created to guard the eyes, these pieces work to block harmful substances, including droplets carrying viruses, from making direct contact.

Especially in places like hospitals, where there is a higher chance of close encounters with infected people, the safety goggles provided by DTC are designed for long-term comfort and often come with anti-fog features. This ensures clear visibility in diverse conditions. Additionally, they are made to fit over prescription glasses, adding to their utility and accessibility.

Face masks mainly shield your nose and mouth, but safety goggles add that extra layer by protecting your eyes. They are a secondary entry route for viruses. Incorporating both forms of eye protection, along with other safety steps, can drastically cut down the risks of virus transmission.


Comfort goggles are a great buy in the fight against COVID-19

8)   Disposable gloves (including nitrile and latex)

Nitrile disposable gloves serve as a key piece of gear in warding off COVID-19 and other viral illnesses. They are a staple in safeguarding against infection. Often, preferred over latex gloves for their durability and resistance to punctures, nitrile gloves provide a secure barrier between the skin and potentially infectious material. These gloves are particularly important in medical settings or areas where you are likely to encounter viral droplets and are a great aid in infection prevention.

Latex gloves are an alternative but can trigger allergies in some people, which makes nitrile gloves a safer option for everyone. It is essential for both nitrile and latex gloves to be used for single activities and then be promptly thrown away to avoid spreading germs.

Nitrile gloves have the advantage of being resistant to oils and chemicals, making them suitable for a variety of tasks. On the other hand, latex gloves often offer more flexibility and comfort. Proper usage of either type of glove can drastically reduce the chances of spreading viruses.

Black Nitrile Gloves from DTC Tools

Try these black nitrile gloves on for size at DTC

Concluding thoughts

To sum up, battling COVID-19 in the work environment demands more than basic hygiene practices. A well-rounded strategy that includes everything from protective suits to sanitising wipes, top-tier respirators, and throwaway gloves is essential for maximum safety.

Bosses have a hefty role to play in this combat and have the Health and Safety Executive to answer to. It is not just about shielding their employees; they also must maintain public health norms and fulfil legal requirements. Failing to do so can have widespread implications, impacting both the company and the health of its staff.

By implementing a thorough protective plan that features reliable PPE items from trusted vendors like DTC, employers can significantly contribute to slowing down the spread of COVID-19 and other contagious illnesses.

Contact DTC about COVID PPE

If you have any questions about PPE for virus protection products, including specifically the delivery of COVID PPE, we are always available with PPE guidance help. Please contact us via one of the following methods if you require any more information about personal protective equipment and infection prevention:

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