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BAXT WP10 Spray Booth Wall Protector Earns Glowing Review From Youtube Sensation Tony’s Refinishing

New refinishing brand of consumables BAXT sent a roll of their latest spray booth protection innovation over to the Tony’s Refinishing Head Quarters for a review and were delighted with the results.

The WP10 is a new spray booth wallpaper type product, with a 5 layer design BAXT claims this can keep your spray booth clear of overspray for up to a year with zero cleaning or maintenance.

BAXT have been developing this new product for some time and have run several trials with existing customers with various booth setups. The solution has proven effective in all manner of spray booths.

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WP10 has proven exceptionally popular with owners of new spray booths who wish to keep their booth looking and operating like new; without the costly maintenance procedures required with previous solutions like spray-on ‘peelable’ booth protection.

BAXT approached the UK’s refinishing internet sensation Tony’s Refinishing to have the product reviewed and featured on their popular YouTube channel. Tony’s team were keen to try the new product and knew of a busy spray booth that would be perfect.

The feedback was outstanding, Tony was highly impressed with the product’s ease of application and was blown away by how it transformed the spray booth.

“When I did the first car, it came out so clean, it was like using a brand new spray booth again.” Explained Tony in the review.

Tony is already noticing a difference to the quality of finish leaving the booth thanks to the WP10 wall protector. The tacky surface is statically charged to act like a dust magnet to airborne particles.

When applying to older booths like this there can be the additional benefit of sealing any gaps in the walls which creates a better vacuum and thus improving airflow to and from the booth.

“It has brightened the booth up to no end, everything is bright white again. It really lit up the booth nicely and has made it a much nicer environment to be painting cars in.” Tony added.

Not only did the wall protector improve the cleanliness in the booth, it has also improved the working conditions and made it a more enjoyable place to be working.

Watch the full video review by Tony’s Refinishing here:

See the full video transcript below

Hi guys and welcome, in this video we’re going to through a service on the spray booth and look at the BAXT WP10 wall coating. As you can see in this picture it’s a standard booth about 18 months old. The previous painter didn’t really look after it very well, it needs a good service and good clean out.

The first thing we did was strip everything out, pressure wash the walls and floor and then paint the floor. Now that’s something that’s really important and will keep the dust down, obviously as the paint wears down things like concrete dust can kick up quite easily, so getting the floor painted and getting that clean and tidy so its easy to mop out and keep on top of was one of the priorities. Then the main priority for me was the walls, this is where we are going to go into the review of the BAXT WP10 wall coating.

Now this is the product from BAXT, it comes in an application box, the rolls are already pre-fitted into the box. So literally you can just peel your roll straight out and apply it straight onto the walls. Now we are going to show one layer of this layer being fitted and then will time-lapse the rest of the video and will show some before and after shots so you guys can see how this works.

Now we pull one section of this off, as you can see this is numbered. Now, the very first initial layer on the BAXT coating is just a clear protective film, because underneath all 5 layers have a tacky adhesive coating, so once you have put this on your spray booth not only have you got the tacky coating that’s going to capture all your dirt and overspray etc in the booth but you also have got these 5 layers.

So, say, I don’t know maybe a month or 2 months, once your booth gets dirty then you can peel it off quite easily, go along and peel it off and reveal a new clean layer underneath. They’re all numbered so you can tell how long you have got left on your booth walls before you run out. The good thing is if you have a booth like we have here, then maybe the walls have taken a bit of stick over time and have got some overspray and that sort of thing etc. once you fit this and apply it to your spray booth your booth will look bright white and brand new again.

Now we’re going to start by doing a bit of fitting on this first piece to show you how the WP10 goes on, once done we will put the camera on a tripod at the back to do a time-lapse. So as you can see, this is actually quite easy to install, you peel it out of the box and line up the edges. Which do overlap slightly which keeps it nice and sealed and also makes it easy for each sheet to peel the layers off from. Then with the squeegee that comes in the box itself you can just squeegee it down the walls as you go.

We did have a bit of trouble with this initially, at the time the roll was sent out there were no application instructions. You do need to give the booth a light sand and make sure the walls are smooth before applying.

As I said all it needed was a light sand over with the P320 on the DA and then give it a wipe down with thinners until they are nice and smooth and nice and clean, then this stuff sticks really, really well. As you can see, not only does it give you that nice tacky coating and that nice peel-able surface over the time that you got this on your walls, but you also get that added bonus of each of those layers have that tacky coating.

This is a full size booth and it only took 3-4 hours to do the whole job, and it really has brightened it up and left it nice and clean tidy. The tacky and anti-static properties of the film itself is really keeping the dust and dirt down, I did a really big job on a seat Ibiza the other day, even though it had 2 sides, a bonnet and both bumpers there was hardly any dust on it whatsoever.

It is important that even if you do something like this, it’s important that you keep on top of your booth day to day as well.

Have a look guys, dirty old wall compared to the brand new clean wall. Once the booth is done, we will peel that initial layer off and reveal the tacky layer coating behind it.

As I was saying there, the initial layer on the film is just a protective film that protects the tacky coating on the first layer. Make sure you take this protective film off before doing any painting or bake cycles etc. When things start to get a bit dusty and dirty with overspray, make sure you peel off the first layer for a fresh clean booth again.

As I said, it’s really important to keep on top of the booth, give it a good sweep out, mop the floor, just to try and keep any settled dust or dirt down that has settled in the booth. Also, making sure your cars go into the booth clean allows you to monitor the dirt and dust inside the booth.

As you can see in this time-lapse, it turns what looks like a messy booth into a really nice clean booth again. It was like when we finish this and went back in there, it felt like walking into a brand new booth again. It brightened the booth up to no end, everything is bright white again. It really lit up the booth nicely and made it a much nicer environment to be painting cars in.

A quick rundown of what we have done. We scrubbed the booth top to bottom after we took the filters out and using some red scotch and TFR we then gave the walls a light sand over with P320 and washed the booth completely out and gave the booth a wipe down with thinners just to make sure things were nice and clean and smooth to make sure this WP10 sticks.

Then on Saturday morning we painted the floor, and came in on Sunday to fit the WP10 coating. This is available from DTC it’s a great product from BAXT and I have to say it really has made a massive difference to our spray booth.

I will leave a link for you guys, if you have a booth or anything you can head over to BAXT and look at the product, they also have an intelligent measurement system on the website so you can put your dimensions in on the site to work out how many rolls you need for your spray booth. It’s all done through an automated feature on their website.

Then once we have got the wall coating fitted, it’s time to make sure we have a nice fresh set of filters in the spray booth. Then we gave it one last mop out to make sure it’s nice and clean in here.

When I did the first car, it came out so clean, like I say it was like using a brand new spray booth again.

Obviously, like I say, the benefit is, once your walls get a bit contaminated, you can just peel back a layer and feel like you’re in a brand new spray booth again.

Great thanks to BAXT and DTC for sending out the WP10 sample and also thanks for including these beautiful coveralls out, as I have to say are really nice coveralls. Will do a review on these coveralls as well, they are the best fitting coveralls I have ever tried.

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