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Marine, GRP & Composite Products

Marine, GRP & Composite Products

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  1. Dakota Rollers (10) - 4"

    • Dakota is a velvet like polyester material, very short pile fibre
    • It gives a bubble and fluff free finish when used for gel coat, with no splashing or matting,
    • Suitable forvarnishes and oil paints
  2. Small Wooden Mixing Sticks - box 100

    Small wooden mixing sticks, useful when mixing small amounts of resins, silicone & paints.

  3. Fillet Ball Set - Fillet Balls Set

    • Set of 3 chrome plated filleting balls
    • Ideal for placing wax, plasticine or filler to create an accurate fillet
  4. Coloured Towelling - 10kg

    For the best absorbency levels choose recycled towelling produced from towels and bathrobes.

  5. Meguiars Mirror Glaze No8 - 311g

    Meguiar’s Mold Release Wax #8. A blend of imported waxes specially formulated to provide the maximum number of releases per application. For fiberglass applications. Specially useful on tooling and new molds.

  6. BAXT Mutton Cloth Roll - 800g

    Soft white stockinette polishing cloth

  7. Sisal String - Sisal String (200m)

    • 3ply Sisal Twine
    • Centre pull
    • Made from 100% natural fibres
  8. Yellow Wax - 650g

    • Contains beeswax and is very easy to use, stays soft and workable
    • Does not stain hands
    • Suitable for use as a joint filler for sheet wax
  9. Final Task 1 - 1 inch

    • Quality mix of 30% natural & 70% synthetic bristle for use with all paints and varnishes.
    • Excellent paint loading for great coverage.
    • Flagged filaments for smooth paint release and finish.
  10. Pre-Clean Panel Wipe Cloth No. 6 - 300 pack

    Pre- Clean spirit wiper roll is a 100% melted down polypropylene non-woven wipe perfect for all solvent and spirit wiping applications. They are perfect for absorbing oils, solvents and emulsions.


Showing 1-12 of 258 results

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