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Windscreen Products

Windscreen Products

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  1. CRL S108 8" Pump-Action Vacuum Lifter

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  2. Windscreen Air Knife

    • Quickly and easily cuts windscreen bonding.
    • Has safety throttle to prevent inadvertent starting and integral regulator for speed control.
    • Exhaust is ducted away from work and operator.
    From £10.79
  3. Windscreen Long Knife

    • Suitable for vehicles with deep dash-board or where bonding is out of reach to normal tools.
    • Great also for two-handed cuts.
    • Extra-long, aluminium construction with vinyl handle.
    From £6.61
  4. Windscreen Cutting Wire

    • Braided stainless steel wire suitable for use with wire grips.
    • Use a sawing action to cut through the urethane bond.
    • Stainless steel square profile has four cutting edges enabling fast and easy cutting of urethane bond even in cold conditions.
    From £16.50
  5. Suction Gripper

    • Rubber suction grips prevent damage to surface.
    • Designed for handling material such as glass, tiles, plastic, sheet metal and other non-porous material.
    • Push lock levers for easy operation.
    From £11.36
  6. 3pc Windscreen Handling Kit

    • Two glass-reinforced plastic gripper handles with four Ø115mm lever operated suction pads.
    • Powerful suction will handle 60kg of windscreen.
    • Supplied with ratchet tie down to fix screen in position if required.

6 Items results

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