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Sanding Discs

Sanding Discs

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  1. Mini De-Nibbing Discs (100)

    • 35mm micro abrasive discs for corrective sanding
    • For wet sanding plastics, lacquers and composite materials providing a high-quality sanding finish.
    • P1200 & P1500 have a self adhesive backing
    From £25.19
  2. De-nibbing Tool

    30mm solid blocks for spot repair

    From £16.64
  3. BEST N6 Ceramic Net Abrasive Disc 150mm

    • What other abrasive solution can offer virtually dust-free sanding at this price point?
    • Highly efficient long lasting abrasive
    • NET mesh surface finishing design to eliminate clogging
    From £17.33
  4. 150mm 9-Hole Velcro Sanding Discs (box 100)

    These 9 Hole Velcro Sanding DA Discs will deliver excellent results for any dry sanding application. Suitable for working with a range of applications and industries. The special stearate coating prevents pill forming and clogging, which deliver the optimal result.

    From £27.63
  5. Metabo Cling Fit Sanding Discs 80mm

    The Metabo aluminum oxide cling-fit sanding discs have a diameter of 3-1/8-Inch and work well with the SXE400 Metabo Orbital Sander.

    From £7.74
  6. Surface Conditioning Disc 100x16mm

    Fast and heavy abrasive action, high unloading properties and extremely long life. These scrim back discs with hole are ideally suited for plastic products, the automotive and railway industries, shipbuilding, the aeronautical industry, propellers and jet engines and stainless steel structural work. Work surfaces: Standard steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and alloys, fibre glass, plastic.
    A/O = Aluminium Oxide, S/C = Silicon Carbide.

    From £26.53
  7. Abracs Flap Discs (25)

    The new Hybrid Flap Disc has been designed using a double row of mixed abrasive cloth on a flexible and durable fibre glass backing. Significant R&D and subsequent product testing proves that using a mixture of 60g material on the bottom layer and 40g material on the top layer leads to increased performance and life time of 20% over a standard flap disc.

    From £69.50
  8. Mirka Autonet 125mm Discs

    • Autonet is a new-age surface finishing solution offering speed, efficiency and an amazing dust extraction ability.
    • The patented construction eliminates clogging and pilling and ensures a long lifespan
    • Excellent initial aggressivity, reduced edge wear in finer grits and a versatile range to suit any application.
    From £158.80
  9. Dynabrade Sanding Stars 200mm X 25mm (10)

    Dynabrade 93245 200mm X 25mm Star, P122

    From £13.84
  10. 3M 734U Purple 150mm Abrasive Sanding Discs

    • Revolutionary Spiral Technology Maximises The Disc Surface Area
    • Creates A Vortex That Captures Dust Particles, Channelling Them Into The Vacuum.
    • Unique 51 Hole Design Captures The Larger Particles Created By Coarser Grits Through Larger Holes.
    From £50.07
  11. Festool 90mm Sanding Triangles (box 100)

    These long life discs are available in boxes of 100. Suitable for sanding down a variety of surfaces. They can be used with the Festool R090 Rotex Sander. Perfect for efficient and high quality sanding needs, these are ideal for use when you need great results. 

    From £11.84

Showing 1-12 of 322 results

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