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Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection

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  1. Anest Iwata Mask Kit A2P3

    • Suitable for a variety of face sizes
    • Valves are low resistance to breathing
    • Made from hard wearing thermoplastic
  2. P3 Fold Flat Respirator Mask

    • Fold flat when not in use for convenience
    • Protects against toxic dust, light radioactive dust bacterias and viruses.
  3. P2 Respirator Mask Charcoal

    • Effective against fine  dust particles
    • Resistant to elding fumes
    • Activated charcoal protects against odours and organic vapors up to N.P.F., welding fumes and organic vapours
  4. P2 Respirator Mask Valved

    • Comfortable fit
    • Low breathign resistance
    • Outer support structure creates collapse resistance
  5. 3M Air Supply Unit For Full Face Mask

    • Air supply for mask
    • Elastic belt to suit different sizes
  6. SATA Vision 5000

    • Top quality full face mask kit from market leading brand
    • The modern, ergonomic design of the hood with its optimised head fixation ensures perfect fit to almost any head shape
    • The large, low reflection visor shield offers a very generous field of vision
    From £459.00
  7. Anest Iwata Airfed Mask Kit

    • Floating headband adjustment for maximum comfort
    • Comfort sweatband
    • Easily adjustable headband ratchet
    • Wide vision vizor
    • Cartridge type vision cassette
    • Replaceable vizor cover
    • Low noise air diffuser
    • Air filter regulator mounted on pliable bracket that moulds to the body
    • Carbon filter
    • Adjustable air control regulator
    • Visual airflow check
    • 1,25 metre hose (inner ø 8 mm) for HVLP spray gun
    • Air regulator 1 bar pre-set
    • Downward airflow for greater comfort

    From £13.29
  8. Moldex Half Mask 8000

    • Mask body made of soft, TPE material which is gentle on the skin
    • Radial connector: new inhalation valve with every cartridge
    • Less components: Easy maintenance and cleaning without tools
    From £3.09
  9. Sata 2000 Vision Airfed Mask Kit

    • Fresh air is supplied steadily through a silencer to the hood without drafts.
    • The air supply has a variable adjustment according to the users requirements, while a shut-off system prevents airflow from being completely shut off.
    • The compact activated charcoal filter is worn on the belt in a protective cage and removes oil vapor and gases.
    From £16.00
  10. 3M 5000 Series Particulate Pre-Filters

    • Extremely lightweight
    • Low breathing resistance
    From £3.63
  11. Battery Air Fed Mask Kit

    • Turbovisor full face mask kit offering high protection with greater user versatility
    • Air fed from integrated motor/filter system
    • Strong polycarbonate visor gives great protection and excellent vision
    From £5.55
  12. Airfed Half Mask Kit

    • Offers excellent protection against dust & vapours
    • Built-in air diffuser for greater user comfort
    • Carbon cartridge fitted to waistbelt for ease of use
    From £38.83

Showing 1-12 of 25 results

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