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Spray Guns & Accessories

Spray Guns & Accessories

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  1. 3 Gun Combination Show Case

    Limited edition 3 gun combination show case consisting of:

  2. Spray and Stick Holder Magnetic

    • Twin magnetic.
    • Magnetic spray stand.
    • Holds small items for spraying.
  3. Spray Booth Box Magnetic

    • Two mounting options: magnetic or mounting fasteners – both options allow for airflow passage in rear of cabinet thus reducing over spray pocketing
    • Slope designed lid for unrestricted airflow
    • Engineered with an enclosed compartment for over spray safe storage and organization of various tools and supplies
  4. Spraygun Cabinet

    • Wall mounted
    • Room for accesories such as paint
    • 2 door
  5. Paint Picker

    • Pen type holder with 10 needles.
    • Individually packed in blister.
    • Each needle has a microscopic small hood to remove dirt and dust particles from wet paintwork.
  6. Fall Out Clay

    • Works on painted surfaces, glass, chrome and plastic
    • Will not damage or mark the paintwork
    • For best results use with a little soap and water from a spray bottle
    From £28.97
  7. Spraygun Aircap Covers

    For further information on this product click the 'View Details' button to the right.

    From £27.89
  8. SATA Adam 2 Digital Gauge for 5000

    •  Clear, digital display
    • Lightweight and compact
    • The gun pressure can be precisely adjusted 
  9. Devilbiss GTISPRO Suction Spraygun

    • Ergonomic Gun Body
    • Can be used with a pump or suction cap
    • 1 litre (high capacity) pot
  10. Devilbiss GTi Pro Lite Spray Gun Blue

    • The superior PRO Lite performance is achieved with new and improved design technology
    • Free breathing high capacity air passages and a coaxial linear air valve to provide unrestricted and even flow of compressed air through the gun body
    • This smooth air movement enables the precision-engineered air caps and fluid tips to produce superior atomisation with consistent droplet distribution throughout the spray pattern.
    From £229.00
  11. SRI PRO Lite Spraygun Gold Micro Spot Repair

    Leading edge i-system Pro spray gun technology brings new levels of performance to MICRO, SMART and professional spot repair Lightweight, precision engineered, small scale spray gun, ensuring excellent control for superb feathering, perfect for localised detail or medium area work. Uniform, evenly dispersed spray patterns from the advanced technology High Efficiency and HVLP air caps.

    From £39.00

Showing 1-12 of 49 results

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